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Preparing the back-to-school

Back to School

Back-to-school will take place on Tuesday, September 5th. As usual, Preschool students will have a set-by-step back-to-school and parents received a detailed schedule yesterday (please be careful, the day will be indicated in the subject of that message).

Supplies lists are available via the following link:


If you ordered the textbooks via

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Congratulations to our students on their outstanding results!

We are very pleased to share the outstanding results obtained by the students from our Cité Scolaire Internationale.

-5th grade French national assessments: All the 5th graders (CM2C, CM2B and APIE3_CM2) took these standardized tests in French and Mathematics. They got excellent results, even above the top references.

-DELF Prim (organized by

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We invite you to subscribe to Cité Scolaire Internationale YouTube Channel by clicking on the link below so you will be informed automatically as soon as a new video is available.


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