Project Art Together

Tolerance and open-mindedness are important core values of Ecole Actuelle Bilingue. That is why we have developed a new project called “Arts Together”, coordinated by Mrs. Adeline Ferdy.
Our students had the opportunity to participate in enriching arts activities with kids and young people in different centers such as ASEDEME (Senegalese Association for the Protection of Mentally Deficient Children) , the Estel Center (young people with disabilities), the Colombins Association (young deaf-mutes) and Maison Bleue (vulnerable children).
Many artists have decided to support this project, likeDaara J,  Balik (Danakil band), Yaniss Odua and Natty Jean.
Pottery, gardening, photography, dance, theater, painting, singing: a lot of artistic fields will be explored by our students with their new friends. An art exhibition and show have been presented to parents on June 9th. Check out the below video.