Our pedagogical offer

EAB is characterized by its multi-faceted curriculum and proposes pathways to success that are tailored to the different profiles of students. In this regard, our program is divided into three streams:

The French track

From 1st grade to 5th grade, the French curriculum is taught. These grade levels are accredited by the French Ministry of National Education. As EAB is an international and Senegalese school, the program is supplemented by 4 sessions of English per week. Opting for the standard section will guarantee your child a seamless education regardless of the country in which you will reside in view of the network of schools offering the French program abroad (almost 500 worldwide in 130 countries).

The Bilingual track

From Nursery to grade 5, our program brings together the best of the French and the American curricula. Our program is taught equally in French and in English. Students have two teachers and therefore discover two linguistic and cultural worlds. Opting for the bilingual section will provide your child with the opportunity to later enrol in international schools that offer International Baccalaureate curricula in particular. Admission into French or Senegalese schools will be subject to entry tests.

The alternative track

In order to offer students with a specific profile the best possible learning conditions, EAB has established:
-a Special Needs program for students with proven learning difficulties. Students follow an individualized program and receive psychologial support.

-two APIE classes for academically gifted children. This bilingual program, unique in West Africa, is itself a testimony to the teaching expertise for which our school is renowned. In addition to an approach tailored to their abilities, students enjoy relaxation classes.

Spotlight on the APIE program

According to recent studies, one in three gifted children perform poorly when they start secondary school whereas personalized support upstream would have helped avoid this situation. In light of this finding, our school established a specific program that brings together a team comprising teachers trained on the complex issue of working with gifted students, the school psychologist and the relaxation therapist.

Discover the benefits of bilingual education