The PA


Dear EAB parents,

Welcome to the web page of the EAB Parent Association. You will find information about the PA and its social activities.

To contact us :


Welcome to new families. We just had the first « Café Jokko » of 2016. Thank you for coming and hope you had a great time of sharing and discussion.

The ROLE of the PA

To support the school in its projects through different initiatives including financial help, providing materials… the goal is to diversify the students’ experiences.

To plan social activities to develop relationships between families, links with teachers, and to fund other projects/events.

To provide a place for discussion between parents to discuss any ideas or issues regarding the students’ life at school.

To share information with parents to help them with school life.

How does the PA work ?

We have monthly meetings, each PA member is invited to participate and the minutes are distributed.

We also have monthly meetings with the Headmaster to share ideas, information and discuss any problems.

To organize events, we have working groups or committees. Each PA member is free to participate or not in one or more of these groups.

You can join us anytime during the year by filling in the membership form and paying the annual subscription fee of 5,000 CFA /year/family. This money allows us to organize certain events and offer particular activities or material donations (please see the « activities for 2015-2016 » section below for examples).

Events – 2015-2016

At the beginning of each school period, the PA invites EAB parents and staff to gather in the morning and chat around a coffee and pastries. The first three were successful and there are two more to come.

Approximately, 450 children and their accompanying adults discovered « Merry Christmas Madagascar » in December 2015. A second Movie night is planned later in the year.

The Costume Party: A New PA event, further information coming soon.

In collaboration with EAB, the PA organizes activities during World Book Day including book repairs, a story teller invited to the preschool, prizes for the EAB read-a-thon winners…

The Giant Potluck: Once a year, the PA organizes a giant potluck at school during the week-end. Each family brings a dish and drinks to share and we spend a pleasant day.

The School Carnival: The PA organizes the School Carnival at the end of the academic year.