Admissions policy

French track (accredited by the French Ministry of Education)

Admissions are granted in accordance with rules prevailing within AEFE and MLF. Students from non-accredited classes will be required to take French and Maths achievement tests.

Bilingual track

-In Preschool, the admission is open to all subject to availability, the age of students ( 3 years old for Nursery) and previous grade level attended. Furthermore, all students starting Nursery have to be potty trained. We have two Preschool campuses: Corniche Ouest (from Nursery to Kindergarten) and Ngor ( Pre-K and Kindergarten).

-For First and Second grades, admission is open to all students who are comfortable with one language of instruction (French or English) and basic knowledge of the other language.

-For Third, Fourth and Fifth grades, admission requires proven skills in both languages of instruction.